Trivia Edit

  • Ricky is the oldest known living human who's been around longer than even dinnosaurs.

Historical InteractionsEdit

Ricky was at many famous historical events. Here are some of his more famous roles in history;

He fought in  the revolutionary war.

He fought in the civil war.

Ricky in his 'MURICAN uniform

He helped write the declaration of independence.

He fought in WWII.

He fought in the war against The Space Nazis.

He invented pancakes.

He witnessed dinosaurs' extinction.

He was a master assassin in Rome.

He was a jedi in a galaxy far far away.

He was a cofounder of Queen industries.

He helped assassinate Jullius Caesar.

He witnessed Jesus turn water to wine.

He once forgot to join an ssa meeting once and was crucified.

He killed jesus after he became a zombie.

He became a super geeyian 3 after performing his trademark move Final Ja.


There's a lot more, just open a history book and you'll probably see him in the background of a lot of pictures.

His relationship to TylerEdit

He is his great x 10000000 grandfather.

The Ajaja warEdit

The ajaja war was started after the great mustard famine in the cafe.Without anyone knowing, he played a huge part in The Great Ajaja war (See Tyler's page for more on it). He secretly helped in the defeat of his grandson with suprise Ajas, which Tyler thought were done by Hew. the war soon ended after the FINAL JA and the signing of the sponge-bath treaty.

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