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Peoples reaction to Tyler walking into the room

 Tyler Hossenfras is the first known contactor ot the rank disease. Not only that, he was the one who started the Great Ajaja War.

Humble beginningsEdit

Tyler was a young Greek boy. He was smart as well, some even call him an ELA geek. One fateful day however, he witnessed his father's death at the hands of the Greek king of the gods, Zeus. Angered and outraged, he betrayed his people and worked with the Romans to help overthrow Greece. He began praying to Romulus everynight and started to train as a gladiator. Every morning he would read the Roman news and visit his friend Jullius Caesar. Afterward he would continue training. Soon, he was the best gladiator in all of Roma! But then, on the day of his biggest match yet, his mother (who is so fat she's floating in outer space with her own gravitational pull), farted, blowing him all the way from ancient Rome to modern day Lowell. He landed saftely near a school dumpster, but developed a serious hate for his mum.#Yolo

The RankEdit

Soon after he landed in Lowell, a Rhino came and charged straight into him, throwing him back 10 feet into a puddle of garbage juice by a dumpster. It was here where he contracted the disease known as The Rank, which makes him smell disgusting. There is no known cure. Poopoo can help, but the effects only last about 5.5978853 seconds.#Yolo

His life from thereEdit

He changed that day. While contacting the Rank he lost all of his combat abilities and skills. He needed to find a new way to live his life. He finally decided to enroll in school. This is where he met Pablo, Viraj, Nathaniel, and Byron the Ill Messiah. They formed a friendship together. Byron taught him the basic ways of being a Jew, while Viraj and Hew taught him the wonders of sloths. Nathaniel taught him that the chicken patties served at lunch were only 2% real chicken. As he learned all of these new things, he also devised a plan to get back at his mum. There is also Tyrone, but we'll get to him later.#Yolo

Starting a WarEdit

Viraj developed a new skill known as the "Ajaja" and taught it to both Hew and Tyler. They both swore to use it only for good purposes, but Tyler had other ideas. Instead of using his power for good, he tried to start a war against Pablo and Viraj, the very same people who helped him learn to love sloths. Reluctantly, they fought back. Realizing he didn't stand a chance, he formed a team with the ill Messiah. Even together, they still struggled. Byron eventually turned on him. Viraj and Hew realized the only way to end this war was to Ajaja Tyler so much that that his stomache bled and he peed blood. Battles were had and much blood was shed. One day, even Hew and Viraj split up and the war became a 4 way brawl. Soon after though, they joined back together and finshed the fight once and for all. Ajajas did not stop, but gradually delcined over time.#Yolo


One day, he was waiting in line at KFC when a muscular black man cut him in line. He politely asked that he get behind him. This enraged the man, and he beat Tyler to near death. It was later explained to him by an employee that the man's name was Tyrone, and that he always has to have his fried chicken first or he goes on a rampage. Later they did bcome good friends after Tyrone was enrolled at his school by his parol officer.#Yolo


Tyler eventually met Kakashgey. Kakshgey killed his (Now ex) boyfriend just so they could be together. They got matching <3 tattoos after the first date.#Yolo

Space NazisEdit

Tyler was an important commander during the Space Nazi war. He, along with Hew and Viraj, helped destroy their base on the surface of the moon. Ricky Hossenfras also fought, see his page for more on his role. during the war. While he was in space, Tyler snuck off on his own personal mission. He landed his ship on the surface of his mum. The gravity was so intense he could barely stand. He used his rank to his advantage here and used his Rank Breath to completely detroy his mum. The breath and smell entered her lungs which caused imediate sweliing. She exploded as he entered Earths atmosphere to return to his friends.#Yolo

A new threat arises...Edit

Zeus was never defeated. He was locked away in a special cell in Rome after Greece was overthrown, but mysteriously disappeared one night. Some say that dark storm clouds are forming over Mount Olympus, and a large storm system seems to be heading towards Lowell....#Yolo

Key: Hew= Pablo Juan Castro Gonzalez Salazar Moralez Ortiz Alvarez Lopez Matinez Pena Fernandez Hernandez Rios Ramos Ruiz Torres  Reyes Gomez Garcia Rodriguez Sanchez Perez Diaz Rivera Ramirez

Viraj= $wag

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